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Current Fundraising Activities





Do you ever buy anything on-line? Would you like to make additional donations to the church and potentially save yourself some money at no extra cost to you? Well this is the way to do it! is a great way to raise raise money for the Church Building Fund just by shopping online. You don't pay anything extra. So far the scheme has raised over £5 million for good causes throughout the UK.

For example, if 50 parishioners did their weekly shopping on-line with Sainsbury's (other retailers are available), then over the year just this alone would raise £1300 for the Church Building Fund. This can be even higher by Gift Aiding your Donation when you register onto the system.

How Does it work?

1. Start at easyfundraising: Let's say you want to buy a book from Amazon. Instead of going to, you go to first - or you can use the easyfundraising toolbar.

2. Make a purchase: You click from the easyfundraising website through to Amazon to make your purchase. The price of the book is exactly the same as if you'd visited Amazon directly.

3. Get a donation:After you have bought your book, Amazon will make a donation to our cause as a thank you for shopping with them. easyfundraising collect these donations for us, and it costs nothing!

Sounds too good to be true- What's the Catch?

There isn't a catch. The benefit for the retailer is that they can offset the tax as a charitable donation, they get your custom when they might not get it otherwise. Still not convinced? For more information click here

How Do I sign up?

It's very easy, click on any of the easyfundraising logos and it takes you into their website. Using these specific links will raise a further £5 for the Church (once your donations reach £10)

Once registered, why not invite all your friends and family? Not only will we receive their donation, but we get an extra £5 for each recommendation


'Phil' the Bag

Next Collection planned April/May 2014

In a joint enterprise with St Felix School we have signed up to a fundraising programme called 'Phil' the Bag which recycles your old unwanted clothing and turns it into cash.Phil the Bag

We hope you will support our 'Phil' the Bag effort by donating your unwanted textiles in either bags available at church before the collection date or in any bag and bringing them to church on our 'Phil' the Bag recycle weekends. These are held in April and October every year. Collections at the school are on Monday morning registration.

The more clothing we collect - adult and children's clothing, shoes, handbags, belts, hats, curtains, towels and bedding - the more money we will receive in exchange. 'Phil' the Bag is also able to accept soft toys, provided they are kept separate from other textiles.

Items will be accepted in any condition - those items that cannot be reused are recycled.

In 2013 we raised a total of £1,809.55: £,153.40 in April and £656.15 in October. The proceeds are split 50/50 between the school and the Parish, the Parish share (£904.77 in 2013) goes towards repaying the Church Building loan.

If you usually throw out your unwanted or damaged clothes or have bits and pieces gathering dust in the wardrobe please use them to 'Phil' the Bag!

We may also be able to collect from you if you have donations that you are unable to transport to church, please call Paul Cooper on 07590 902477 to arrange collection.

Thank you for your support.

Paul Cooper and the St Felix Fundraising Group


Fundraising Events Planned for 2015

Plant Sale 2013
Plant Sale


  • Phil the Bag 29th June 2015
  • Fun & Faith Fete Day 19th July 2015
  • Servers BBQ 22nd July 2015
  • Fun & Faith Fete Day 13th Sept 2015
  • Phil the Bag 28th Sept 2015
  • Barn Dance 3rd Oct 2015
  • Haverhill Triathlon 4th Oct 2015
  • Sale of Hand Made Rosaries October 2015

Highlights from 2014


  • Fill a 'Smarties' tube
  • Summer Draw (
  • Plant and Cake Sales
  • Barn Dance )
  • Philippino style Bingo
  • Phil the Bag
  • Summer 'Fayre' event


Members of the Fundraising Group

Mr David Caulfield Philippino Comunity representative
Mrs Sharon Copperthwaite Table / Plant Sales
Mr Yinka Fashedemi African Community representative
Mrs Joan Hefford Secretary
Mr Dave Smith Social Events
Mr Jose Valiathazhath Indian Community representative
Mr Joe Staight 100 Club

How you can help

We are currently looking for:

  • someone prepared to take photos on the day of our events to increase publicity
  • storage space so that donations to 'Phil' the Bag can be stored until the next collection.

Between April and October 2013 we raised £9,618.65 and we are always on the lookout for new Fundraising ideas. If you have any ideas please talk to one of the Fundraising Group members and feel free to contact Sharon Paradine tel: 01440 704502 or by email or after Mass