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Sacramental information - Haverhill



Parents wishing to have their children Baptised, should first consult with the Parish Priest. It is necessary for parents to attend a short compulsory course of preparation and also be committed to attending Mass each week. They need to appreciate what this Sacrament is all about and to be aware of the responsibilities it carries. Final preparation for the ceremony will be made with the priest and the Church.

It is usual to offer a donation to the Church on the day of the ceremony.

Eucharist / Holy Communion

Our First Holy Communion programme runs each year beginning in October. It is devised and presented by a team of teachers and catechists from the school and the parish working with the parents or guardians.

The children attend a weekly class and there are a series of evening sessions for parents enabling them to broaden their own knowledge of the Sacrament thus enabling them to support their children during such an important stage in their faith journey. The families are expected to attend Mass on a regular basis and so become known to the whole parish community who will be ready to offer support and celebrate this great occasion which is the highlight of our parish life.


Young people (usually Year 10 Secondary School) who wish to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation must first write to the priest making their request known. They then commit themselves to attend a period of preparation with the Catechists in the parish. The priest invites the Bishop to perform the ceremony and the whole parish community is invited to the celebration offering their prayers and support to the Confirmandees and their families.


Preparation for Marriage entails attending a series of talks in readiness for the ceremony and the commitment this sacrament demands. At least six months notice of the couple’s intention to get married should be given to the Parish Priest. Anyone desiring to get married in a parish outside their own must obtain the necessary permission to do so. The priest will advise on this.

It is usual for the couple to make a donation to the Church where the instruction was given.

Reconciliation / Confession

This Sacrament is available on Saturday evenings, Sunday mornings and at times appointed on request.
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Blessing of the sick

When necessary it is advisable to ask the priest to come and bless sick in their own home or in hospital. The prayers recited help to bring comfort and strength to the frail/sick person. Relatives should inform hospital Chaplains if they have a relative in hospital. It should be noted that the Ward Staff cannot advise the Chaplain unless specifically requested to do so and the patient may be too sick to communicate him/herself.

Rite of Christian Initiation

This programme is for adults who are interested in knowing more about the Catholic faith and want to become full members of the Catholic Church. Candidates are advised to talk with the priest about their desire to know more about the Catholic faith and it's practices. It is customary after due preparation those candidates are received into full communion with the Catholic Church during the Easter Liturgy.