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St Felix Welcome Group


To download the latest Rota Click Here for Saturdays or Click Here for Sundays

The Ministry of Welcome makes an important contribution to our faith community. How people are greeted and welcomed can make a real difference to their personal experience and enables us to ensure that everyone who walks through our doors feels that they are valued, respected and an important part of St Felix Parish.

At St Felix we have a group of volunteers who provide a 'Welcome' to those attending services; there is a rota for Saturday and Sunday masses and for Christmas and Easter, First Communion, Confirmation and other special occasions we put out an appeal for those who are available to provide a 'Welcome' to Parishoners and visitors alike.

Our responsibilities are as follows:

  • To arrive at Church in good time, ahead of mass starting, to note which books etc. need to be given out and prepare and distribute them as parishioners arrive.
  • To hand out the 'save my place' cards to the children. (Sunday 10 a.m. only)
  • We welcome any new parishioners and introduce them to Father Michael.
  • We establish where there are spaces in church and once mass commenced lead latecomers to a vacant pew.
  • We ensure that there are at least 2 people prepared to take the collection prior to the offertory.
  • We ensure that "little Church" leaders are aware that the offertory is imminent.
  • We steward people to communion.
  • We collect books after mass and put away in bookcases.
  • The rota is posted on the notice board at the back of the church.
  • We have name badges for the team members which we can wear to let people know who we are.

We support one another by being prepared to 'step into the breach' if the steward due at the mass we are attending has not arrived and if we know in advance that we will not be able to attend when our turn comes around we try and let one of the others on the list know. Names of the 'Welcomers' for the forthcoming week are published in the newsletter so that we know when our turn is coming up.

We always need more volunteers to join the rota (you will see from the attached that there are some gaps on Sunday mornings) and would especially be interested in hearing from families who would like to take part. The children who are already involved enjoy helping and it s a joy to see them coming to the door to be the first to hand you 'your books'.

Please contact Sharon Paradine tel: 01440 704502 or by email or after Mass if you would like to join us. It's a great way of getting to know people and you won't be thrown in the deep end, one of the 'old hands' will be available to show you the ropes.


Latest Rota


To download the latest Rota for Saturdays until July 2015 Click Here

To download the latest Rota for Sundays until July 2015 Click Here

If you are unable to attend on the dates shown please call another person on the list to ask them to stand in for you. Thank you.